I’m slowly getting my voice back (yes!) and I’ll definitely be ready to go for SXSW in a few weeks. Make sure you mark down March 15th @5pm at The Key Bar (617 W. 6th street, Austin). You do not need a badge for this show & it’s free!

I’m having a full band for this gig (josh on drums, trevor on bass and my good friend Nick Randolph (Stonehoney) on lead guitar. I’m going to the Key Bar this Thursday for their first kick off concert for the movie portion of SXSW. I hear an original member of the Kingston Trio is playing. Wow. That should be fun.
See you on March 15th! It’s really nice to be able to talk now, even if it’s a little scratchy. Below is Goldie helping me load in my gear. As you can see, she helps so much!