I played 4 shows over the last 4 days! Had so much fun!! Almost thought I lost my voice this morning when it got a little raspy, but then it came back! Whew. I’m going to do it all over again with 4 more shows over the weekend! People sometimes ask how I can sing for 6 hours in a day. I have no idea. I haven’t lost my voice…yet! Friday I’ll be at the new Flat Creek Estate Tasting Room in Marble Falls, Saturday at Fiesta Winery in Fredericksburg and Sunday in Round Mountain, TX and then later that night a block party in Austin. Wow, I think I might need a driver! Ok, looking into that! See my “shows” page for times and details.

I leave you with the cover of my very first CD. Released in 1999. This album is so special to me. Artwork by my uncle, the very talented Michael Zugin. I love this album and everything that went into it. It’s magical. All from the original paintings, to the lyrics, to my very first songs ever written in college (when I thought I was going to be a poet for a living, I guess songwriter isn’t too far off??!) This album went on to be featured as a favorite by the UW-Wisconsin Badger Herald front cover music article. I was shocked when I opened the paper my senior year. It was the beginning of a rock n roll dream!