By Darryl Smyers in Gig Alert

Out on her very first nationwide tour, San Francisco’s Brittany Shane is innocence personified–and her recently released third effort, Have Heart Live Young, is as optimistic and peppy a collection of folk pop as one is ever likely to hear.

But Shane’s music is only part of the story: The gal is a proponent of organic farming, makes her own non-toxic cleaning supplies and supports The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. And, when not on tour, Shane teaches children tap and ballet classes. What’s next, a run for president as the candidate for the Green Party?

OK, OK: Such cynicism is certainly not warranted. Shane simply stays true to her ideals. And Have Heart is a solid set of shiny, soft rock loaded with hummable choruses. Songs such as “One Station,” “Move into Light” and “Sunsets in Bloom” recall ’80s hitmakers The Sundays and The Bangles. Light, but not unsubstantial, Shane’s music is the kind of pop that sounds great coming from the car radio.