Here We Go Again

by Brittany Shane   When we made a plan and I said I was in Didn’t think I’d be doing this again Got all dressed up in some nice clothes Leather jacket and powdered my nose Here I go again Here I go again C’mon something You were charming, tall with brown eyes Said all […]

Questions in the Morning lyrics

by Brittany Shane   When you’re searching I am too When you’re leavin’ I get blue Anytime you disappear Know that I worry when you’re not here Call you on the telephone You’re never alone Wake up in the sunrise Know that you’re always on my mind All these questions in the morning Never boring […]

It’s Your Move

by Brittany Shane   Walking through the motions In your hotel It’s a pointless test You’ve got your camera It’s your go to Do I look my best? Oooh, oooh, oooh It’s your move Oooh, oooh, oooh It’s your move Oooh, oooh, oooh Lightning in the room Why can’t I Just confess? I want a […]

Holiday Letter

by Brittany Shane   He’s walking a fine line As people drive on by But don’t worry he’s the king of this mess What is junk to one is another’s success He’s now looking at you Should you turn and run away? If you can’t understand do you call for him moved? Or get upset […]

Texas Boy

  Everybody’s out there Everyone is on the loose Long hair you don’t care You’ll do what ever you choose Someday you’ll run from the mountain to the sea But you’ll always be a Texas boy to me Sometimes you just stare Floating off to the moon An artist everywhere Growing up way too soon […]

Where’s the Moon?

  Been a long long time And I’ve been waiting for you On a big, big boat And I’ve been sailing on through Catch a wave Looking up With a smile And my arms are back Think I’ll stay for awhile Cause my backpacks packed Oh don’t let me down Where’s the moon? Up above […]

Move On

  Breaking hearts is just what you do A dime for every man who sings the blues Well honey I’ve got wealthy news You were raised on promises Treat a girl just like she is Well, somehow they got to you too You have been on my mind too But what I’m seeing is nothing […]

Don’t Wanna

  Driving in the car listen on the radio Something in my heart just cannot let you go With all my love and all these thoughts of thee Slippin’ into your land of poetry If you’re leaving I’ll let you go As this dark room turns to cold My heart is open when you return […]

Come Around

  While the sun beats down I find myself hanging around Your beat up porch Stretched out wanting more Can you help me out? Maybe come around for awhile? Cause I feel no good Being all alone Come round, Come around Being near you is better than being down Come round, Come around Seeing you […]

The Line

  My toe is creeping across that line when you ask me if i’m in or not Heard your words a thousand times they spin around fly up and drop If it’s easy to pick up and go Why do I drag my feet on the floor I look to you for sympathy and time […]