One For The Road

  You’ve got it all figured out as I pull you in Make your own misery Don’t know where it begins I’ve got my own set of ways I’ll show myself out Slowly fade out our days You’ll always have some doubt Another one for the road Is what you’ve just been told The spark […]

All You Need

  Let’s get on to the show here He takes the lead, takes the lead I’m not getting cold here, it fills a need, fills a need I’m right you’re wrong I’ve got a drink so strong And I’m not a rose here I’m not getting old here Cause you’re with me You’re with me […]

Paper and Pen

  Beating heart see what you do to me Restless soul reaching for ships that leave Victorian clothes Candles bleed soft, soft and low Wanting love words she could never say Only in books for ladies of her day Valentine hearts Paper lays soft, soft and low You need love Just to be love Needing […]


  She puts on her makeup Smiles as she wakes up It’s gonna be good A passion to be famous Working as a waitress She’d shine if she could Cause she knows that it all works out If you glow there’s no doubt So turn it on and Dream baby dream All night long You […]

Come Around

  While the sun beats down I find myself hanging around Your beat up porch Stretched out wanting more Well, can you help me out? Maybe come around for awhile? Cause I feel no good being all alone Come round, come around Being near you is better than being down Come round, come around Seeing […]


  He walks with pride She talks with sighs Stand side by side He can’t see how she cries Cooks for the lads Quick turns turn fast Reads job here ads Draws her dreams on check pads Tune to the room on one station Turn your radio loud you can feel sensation Tune to the […]


  When I wake me up In the afternoon When I wipe the mud From last night’s doom When I see what’s mine You’ll know it too Gonna be my boy When I sit near you Over your shoulder Over your shoulder Over your shoulder When you take me out In the dusk we roam […]


  Woke up in the morning with a tear in my eye Counted my horses Turned my face to the sky Cold and I’m only a mile from my bed Rode along towards the light up ahead Miles and miles to the day Won’t be long until I find my way T hings will get […]


  Crashing down through the hall Watching lighting on the wall Outside he’s calling come and fly Too bad he’s falling from the sky Sparkle now in my mind Catch the glow a second time Thinks he’s the answer to a cry Then how come I’m smiling tonight I looked away just in time Who […]


  Sitting in his favorite chair Listening to the radio blare Country Roads is playing on the oldies again Writing daughters on the coast While he eats his dry wheat toast Waving to the neighbors It’s Monday again It’s a cold year but it’s warm here A real shame that we run Have heart live […]