Crashing down through the hall Watching lighting on the wall Outside he’s calling come and fly Too bad he’s falling from the sky Sparkle now in my mind Catch the glow a second time Thinks he’s the answer to a cry Then how come I’m smiling tonight I looked away just in time Who […]


  Sitting in his favorite chair Listening to the radio blare Country Roads is playing on the oldies again Writing daughters on the coast While he eats his dry wheat toast Waving to the neighbors It’s Monday again It’s a cold year but it’s warm here A real shame that we run Have heart live […]


  Melting skylines as you paint time All that you want to do Taking new height as you learn flight All that you want to do Watching airplanes, making clouds rain All that you want to do Crossing over colored boulders All that you want to do And it’s all that I want for you […]


  Look up my sparkling star The room has moved around us We must stay where we are I’m out on the balcony Looking down on you Please show me the sight Move into light Move into light Move into light It’s been so long since I’ve called for you Now that you’re here I […]


  So I’m not your pot of gold Not your diamond in the snow But I can shine Told I shouldn’t even try You’ve got adventure in your eyes Might call me when you’re home This is only Sunday We barely made the news Couldn’t wait just one day This is only one way We […]


  There’s snow on the street Everybody come see I remember when we met on New Year’s Eve Everybody packed in A house in Madison But it was really just you and me And the lights went low There was nowhere else to go But in your arms Where we may never be found May […]


  Rose from the bay Covered in day last June Blue lit gaze and liked to speak of the moon He liked to pretend that the night wasn’t coming in And it goes down, down And it Sets in bloom S hame it had to fade Just getting used to the way we moved The […]